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At MJ Hood & Associates we have experience in the following areas of law:

Firearm law

We specialise in all matters relating to firearms for individuals and corporates, as well as firearm legislation, both domestically and abroad. More

Public law

We provide legal advice and assistance in the categories of public law, including: administrative law, public procurement and constitutional law. More

High Court &
Magistrate's Court Litigation

We provide assistance in Magistrate Court and High Court litigation. We advise and assist in legal proceedings for all criminal and civil-court matters. More

Business & Commercial Law

We advise our clients on all business and commercial transactions, pursuing the relevant legal channels available to protect our clients’ corporate rights. More

Criminal & Civil Litigation

Our Attorneys assist with criminal and civil charges. With extensive experience in Firearm Law, we deal extensively with firearm-related criminal matters. More

Estate Planning & Wills

We assist each client in forming a comprehensive plan to cover and protect their assets and to prevent any unnecessary problems from arising. More

Corporate & Contract Law

We provide assistance and advice on all commercial and contractual related matters, supporting each client’s particular needs to ensure their protection. More

Family Law

MJ Hood & Associates provide a variety of services in relation to family law, including divorce, antenuptial and postnuptial contracts as well as domestic violence. More


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